Hydroponic Plant Grower™

Imagine being able to pick fresh herbs, in a safe environment, whenever you need them.

Welcome to the heart of the Hydroponic Plant Grower!

From seedlings & cuttings to continued crop, this will not just change the taste of your food but also the nutritional content in your dishes you prepare.

Start picking your fresh produce in a safe environment within 6 weeks. As long as you are feeding your plants and giving them light, they will grow.
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Benefits of HPG

We all want to provide healthy, good quality food for ourselves and our families. Every day there seems to be a new article either online or on the news about GMO(Genetically Modified Organic) foods, toxins or global challenges. Here is how we know hydroponics can benefit you:

• By Growing it yourself, you know what you’re eating and where it comes from.

• Not only does it save water but it also saves you having to water your plants.

• Faster growth with results within 6 weeks.

• Specially designed units for small wall spaces or any custom desired request.

• Because of our uniquely designed unit, it minimizes many pests related problems & diseases.

• Hydroponics allows for low maintenance due to its self sustaining nature.

• Due to its own water replenishing system, it is not climate reliant.

• Plants no longer need to search for nutrients as they are delivered directly to the roots.

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Hydroponics Explained...

Hydroponics is a means of growing plants without using soil through exposing the roots to a water solvent that is rich in minerals and nutrients.

While there are multiple techniques in hydroponic growth, our system utilises the Nutrient Film Technique or NFT. NFT means that the plants meet their needs through continuous water flow. The roots are exposed to a small stream of water carrying the nutrients and minerals. An air stone in the reservoir pumps air into the water. Through the NFT unit, the plants are supplied with their natural needs of water, nutrients and oxygen.

With the Hydroponic Plant Grower™ it is simply a matter of plugging it in. Our design takes care of the rest. Due to the vertical nature of our system there is no need for an air stone or second pump.

hpg plant grower
Nutrient Film Technique

 All you will need to do is choose your plants, place them in the grow tubes, pour water and your choice of nutrient solution into the reservoir and watch your plants come to life. The HPG™ is simple, fun and rewarding.

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As explained. Our system utilises the Nutrient Film Technique, however due to certain adjustments, our system is installed vertically.

Take a peak at our gallery to view our product and better understand it's compact vertical nature.

Assembling the HPG™

The beauty of the HPG™ is the simple, easy-to-use, plug and play design. Follow the easy steps below.